Volunteering for a local GiveCamp.

Local charities need your help. On a limited non-profit budget, charity organizations earmark their money for keeping the lights on and the core business running, and not on nice-to-have technology improvements. For organizations like a pet shelter, that means buying dog food and cat litter and not on hiring a new professional website. So, often times those technology needs are met by hobbyists or charity staff that do not specialize in technology. Donations are tracked in Microsoft Excel. The website was developed by a staff member or neighbor, and though it is very appreciated by the non-profit organization, it lacks the polish of a professional touch.

GiveCamp means giving back

At GiveCamp, experts in technology, design, business, and marketing come together and partner with local charities to create technology solutions for their cause. Talented professionals are given the opportunity to give back to the charities that provide so much to the communities we all live in. Together, we create websites, brand identities, marketing strategies, and custom software to improve the lives and efficiencies of local non-profits.

How does it work?

GiveCamp organizers identify local charities with a technology need: a refreshed logo, a new website, a custom application to manage volunteers and monitor donations. The only limitation is that the project can be completed by a small team in a single weekend. On GiveCamp weekend, volunteers are assigned to teams of 4-10 volunteers, matching their team talents with the needs of their charity and their project. Team members work together--and often work with other teams--to complete the weekend's charity projects, which we all celebrate and demo at the end of the weekend during the event's closing ceremonies. We need the support of you and other professionals in the community to community to complete the projects, and to satisfy the needs and dreams of our partner non-profits. We want to make this the most successful GiveCamp to date, for anywhere, ever! But to do that, we need you to sign up and to join the GiveCamp family. Food, drink, and facilities are provided throughout the weekend. This means that we will provide all attendees with all of the meals, snacks, and fluids they can consume. Showers are available. We are dedicated to providing anything you need to keep your talent and skills flowing and to keep pursuing the dreams of every GiveCamp charity.

Who can volunteer?

Volunteers of all skill sets and skill levels are needed. Technologists are needed for programming custom websites and software. Graphics designers are needed for creating the artistic designs and user experiences that make a site attractive, usable, and intuitive. Business and marketing specialists are needed to help unravel the maze of business, marketing, and social media to help promote the message and vision of each of our affiliated non-profits. Non-technical volunteers are needed to make the logistics of GiveCamp happen.

We need:

  • Brand / Identity Management Specialists
  • Business Analysts / Business Administration Specialists
  • Database Administrators
  • Graphics Designers / Artists
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Quality Analysts / Quality Testers
  • Social Media Experts
  • Software Architects
  • Software Programmers
  • User Interface / UX Designers, Developers, and Architects
  • And Anyone Else!

If you can provide a few hours of your time, or if you want to experience the thrill of being part of the industry for a whole weekend, please sign up to be part of GiveCamp. Find an event near you!