Organizing a local GiveCamp.

So, you’re thinking about running a GiveCamp are you? Congratulations! You’re about to enter into a world of fun, excitement and terror unique to organizing charity events in the developer community 🙂 I’ll post more here when I get the time, but in the interim, be sure to check out some of the resources available to you such as our Event Cookbook, and the GiveCamp starter site project on CodePlex.

Here are some downloads that might help you during your planning:

Workplan Proposal for Charities [Microsoft Word]
Accept email for GiveCamp [Text File]
Reject email for GiveCamp [Text File]
GiveCamp Nametags [Microsoft Publisher]
Opening Ceremony [Microsoft Powerpoint]
Closing Ceremony [Microsoft Powerpoint]
Evaluation Form [Microsoft Word]
GiveCamp Story Form [Microsoft Word]

Eventually, we’ll work to make these easier for you to find and get to, but for now, we’re listing them here as plain old downloads.