I just learned about a really exciting new program called Project Phoenix which aims to provide a Microsoft MSDN Visual Studio Ultimate subscription to eligible developers that take on a software project for a qualifying non-profit.  As we do LOTS of those at the various GiveCamp events, this is definitely something that our volunteers will want to know about. 

Here’s some additional information provided by Arnie Rowland, the Coordinator for Project Phoenix:

Unemployed or underemployed developers are invited to propose a software project for a non-profit agency, school, or church. You may qualify for a package of the latest software, tools, and training resources to help you improve your skills, get up to date with current technologies, gain practical experience, potentially earn a recommendation for your efforts, and in general, enjoy the feeling of accomplishing something useful for others. Details here.

So far, there have been over 27,000 unique reads (both direct blog reads and RSS feeds) to my blogs about Project Phoenix. It’s been written about in Good Morning Silicon Valley, Redmond Developer News, Visual Studio Magazine, and the Microsoft MVP Program blog. There was a Channel 9/Ping webcast that chatted up Project Phoenix. There have been over a thousand tweets about the project –even Mary Jo Foley has tweeted about Project Phoenix. There has been over 20 other blogs written about the project. Several of the other Sponsors have written up Project Phoenix in newsletters that have been, or are in the process of being, distributed to hundreds of thousands of folks.

Arnie also pointed me at several blog posts he’s written that mention

For those of you planning GiveCamp events, please share this information with your volunteers and suggest that they visit these sites to nominate themselves or their project:

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  1. Thanks for the write up.